👉 Is your product are all authentic?

We at AGELESS BEAUTY, maintain the highest standard and quality of our own brand. Rest assured that all of our products are legit and authentic.

👉 Where does your product came from?

All products are exclusively manufactured and distributed by our company. We import most of our ingredients from the U.S as we conduct several clinical studies to ensure the safety and effectiveness of our product.

👉 Do you deliver via Cash on Delivery?

Yes. Our company offers Cash-on-Delivery nationwide.

👉 Can you deliver outside of the Philippines?

While most of our customers came from the Philippines, We can also ship our products outside the country. You may reach out with our live chat support for inquries about our international delivery.

👉 How much is the the shipping cost and how long would it take to receive my order?

AGELESS BEAUTY offers FREE Shipping Nationwide.

  • ❗️Due to Covid-19 Pandemic, delivery may take more time than usual. Expect the delivery within 8-15 days or even a month for some areas under ECQ or MECQ.
  • For more details, please review our Shipping Information.

👉 How can I track my order?

—Feel free to send us a message on our Facebook Page.

👉 How can I contact your customer service?

There are 2-way to reach our live chat support representative:

  • Click or tap on the "Message Us" button found at the bottom right of our website.
  • Visit our AGELESS BEAUTY Facebook Page and click or tap on "Send Message" button.

👉 Can I still cancel my order?

Strictly NO CANCELLATION of orders. Since we already pay the delivery cost upfront whether the product was delivered or not.

👉 Can I make changes on my order?

If your package is still in AGELESS BEAUTY Warehouse, you can request for changes by contacting Customer Support within 24 hours.

👉 Can I return my order or exchange it to something else?

Please review AGELESS BEAUTY's Return, Refund and Exchange Policy

👉 Do you offer wholesale pricing for resellers?

Yes. Please check our available package for re-sellers and distributors.

👉 Do you have a physical store?

No, we doesn't have a physical store. We sell all our products online as we see this is the most convenient and effective way for us to reach more people and grow our business.

👉 Do you do meet ups?

Unfortunately, we don't meet and transact. AGELESS BEAUTY only transacts online either automatically or through the assistance of one of our Live Chat Representatives via Facebook Messenger.

📍 If ever you have doubts about our legitimacy, please take time to read our reviews section on our home page and find out what valued customers say about us. For further questions, send us an email at: or send us a message on our Facebook Page.